A convenient, time saving experience. Never forget your tools again.

Easy installation

All you need is a hammer or mallet, everything else is included.

Hex hole tech

The Dialed cap utilizes Hex Hole technology. The hex hole allows the wrenches to “key in” to each other to increase leverage while keeping a small footprint.

The wrenches are made from hardened steel.  Tested to over 15 ft lb.
You’ll break a bolt before you break a wrench

The Dialed Cap works on both road and mountain bikes.

All you need is a 1-1/8” metal steer tube.

  • The Dialed cap requires 3 inches/ 76.2 mm  of steer-tube to work properly.

  • The Dialed cap only works with 1-1/8” inch tapered or straight metal steer-tubes that use starnuts. Carbon steer-tubes with pressure nuts are not compatible

Cross section steer-tube

Wherever your adventure might take you

Rugged components

Has your back

Available in RAW or Black

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