Installing the Dialed Cap is easy. All you’ll need is a rubber mallet or hammer and a bike with a 1-1/8 inch steertube.

Step 01

Begin by removing your existing top-cap and bolt.

Next, you’ll need to remove all of the spacers above the stem. You may need to remove your stem as well if your steer-tube is short.

Step 02

Insert the included installation tool, and the included, longer, bolt. Tighten the bolt until the installation tool doesn’t move.

Using your rubber mallet or hammer pound the installation tool down.

Pound the installation tool all the way until it stops at the pre-set depth of 2.8 inches. Be careful to not pinch any fingers.

Step 03

Remove the bolt and installation tool.

Step 04

place the spacers back on your steer-tube with the new Top-Cap.

Next, insert the longer bolt in the new Top-Cap.

Tighten it down to pre load your headset.

* Note: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. it only needs to be snug. Tighten using just the included 5/6mm wrench.

Step 5

Once your Top-Cap is secure and oriented how you like, insert the two wrenches.

Make sure the wrenches are parallel covering the bolt.

*Note: If they aren’t covering the bolt they will bind on the cover

Step 6

Finally, thread on the Cover to secure your tools. Be sure not to cross thread the cover.

That’s it! you’re ready to hit the trail and enjoy the peace of mind that the Dialed Cap by Rugged Components brings you.